How To Find And Repair Swimming Pool Leaks

Having a swimming pool in your home can be an advantage if you want to take a dip and refresh yourself from a hectic day. But it would not be as enjoyable if the pool has a leak that causes it to lose water quicker than it should. There are some factors that may contribute to such problem. According to the website of American Leak Detection of Fort Worth, region and climate can be one factor.

In finding out if you have a leaking swimming pool, you can fill a bucket with pool water and place it on the steps of your swimming pool. Make sure that your bucket is above water level. This will ensure that there is uniform temperature for the bucket and the pool. For pools with no steps, just balance the ladder on top of the thread. Mar the water level on both inside and outside. Check the mark after every 24 hours, If there is a huge drop in the outside line of the bucket, it means that there is indeed a swimming pool.

Leaks in your swimming pool can be located anywhere. It can be in the filter or plumbing system or in the structure. There are certain tests that you can use to locate the source of the leak. Once you have discovered where it is, it will now be easier to fix the leak with a patching material. Most of them are effective in repairing leaks even underwater. After covering the leak, use food coloring to make sure that the leak was plugged. A dye test solution is one way of sealing a suspected leak.

Learning do-it-yourself swimming pool leak repair can save you lots of money. You no longer have to pay for a plumber who will do the job for you.

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