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Dangerous Yasmin Side Effects You Should Be Aware of

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical Defects, Yasmin Lawsuit

Despite the known health risks that come with the use of Yaz, it is still one of the widely used birth-control pill in the United States. Heavily marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, it is estimated that 100 million women have been prescribed and currently are using Yaz. Aside from being a birth-control pill, one of the things that make Yaz a very popular option is its claim to help alleviate symptoms of PMS (along with is severe form, PMDD) and moderate acne as opposed to the traditional birth control pills.

What makes Yaz dangerous is the ingredient drospirenone. It is a synthetic progesterone which can cause a number of side effects ranging from common to severe. Some of the known severe defective pharmaceutical side effects of Yaz are high levels of potassium, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clot formations, kidney and liver complications, cardiovascular or pulmonary injuries, and stroke. It can also cause further health complications or worsen already existing diseases.

The number of Yaz lawsuits has been on the rise, and there have been 100 deaths linked to the use of Yaz. According to the National Injury Law Center, women who have suffered health risks as a direct result of using Yaz can file for compensation. Bayer Pharmaceuticals has already given US 1.4 billion to settle the claims filed against them. Although despite settling the cases, the company has claimed and admitted no fault.

Despite the increasing lawsuits against Yaz and the risks and complications that can cause serious health issues, the FDA has yet to recall the birth-control pill and has only made Bayer Pharmaceuticals update their warning labels. The FDA required the manufacturer to put a black box warning (the highest warning level) on their packaging. Recent reports indicate there has been a decrease in the consumer interest following the complications and lawsuits connected to Yaz side effects.

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