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Factors that can Affect a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Posted by on Oct 19, 2013 in Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury

When an accident happens, insurers try their best to investigate the matter to check whether who is at fault. Often one driver can be proven negligent and asked to pay for compensation; however there are instances where both drivers caused the accident. It may be confusing to understand, which is why having a legal representative when it comes to personal injury claims become an important asset to have.

According to The Burch Law Firm, negligence should be proven in order for compensation to be given. On instances where both drivers are at-fault, compensation can be given depending on the greatness of fault. There are also legal implications once the accident was caused because of both drivers negligence. For a motorcycle rider, accidents due to their negligence could impact their insurance claims. Here are some causes of motorcycle accidents that can affect insurance claims:

  • Driving under the influence (whether from alcohol, drugs, or medications) – Because of the effects of such factors to the body, riding under the influence that result in injuries and property damages can make the rider liable for all the expenses. Prison, fines, and even license suspension can also be given.
  • Speeding – It can cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle, leading to accidents. If a motorcycle accident is caused by the rider speeding, the insurance company will not pay for the expenses for medical and repair bills because it is the riders fault.
  • License – Having a valid license not only protects your legal rights, but you are also aware of the necessary safety standards. According to latest statistics from the NHTSA, roughly one in every four accidents involved riders without a valid license.

Many factors can also cause a motorcycle accident, and they can also affect the legal consequence of the rider if fault is proven. Aside from the legal outcome, insurance premiums can also be affected if the rider is the one at-fault. Not because an accident occurred that negligence can be implied.

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